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Solent Therapeutic Services offers child therapy in the New Forest Hampshire, Bournemouth, Southampton and bordering areas of Dorset. Following referral the therapist undertakes a therapeutic assessment to discuss the individual child's needs and plan an appropriate intervention. As well as the approaches outlined below, trauma-focused work, therapeutic stories and talking therapies are offered where appropriate. 

Support for parents, carers, schools
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Consultations to parents, carers and teachers are available. These consultations can be used to explore and understand a child’s behaviour to enable adults around the child to support them through therapy and in the future.

  • Understanding and managing challenging behaviour

  • Addressing inappropriate behaviour

  • Understanding a child’s needs after a traumatic experience


Play Therapy
Play Therapy
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Play Therapy is an effective therapy for children aged 4-11 years old who have experienced an upsetting event.
Play Therapy enables children to process experiences and reduces trauma symptoms. Play is used as a communication tool enabling children who often do not have words to speak about their experiences to begin to make sense of them in a non-threatening and natural way.
Sessions take place weekly.

  • Children who have been abused

  • Children who have experienced trauma

  • Children with behavioural difficulties


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Theraplay works with the child and parent/carer together in the room to promote the attachment bond and positively build upon the relationship using fun, play-based activities to encourage self-esteem and emotional regulation. Sessions take place either weekly or fortnightly and regular consultations are held with the parent/carer to promote insight into the child’s behaviour and emotional needs and how the parent can best meet these.

  • Children with attachment issues

  • Children with behaviour problems

  • Build better relationship between parent and child


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Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
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DDP therapy works with the child and parent/carer to develop their relationship and the parent’s ability to really listen to and understand their child’s experiences using Dan Hughes' PACE model. The approach works firstly with the parent to explore the difficulties in the relationship with their child, consider their own attachment history and how this may impact upon their relationship with their child and to prepare them for the joint sessions with the child. Sessions take place weekly.

  • Children in foster care or adoptive families

  • Children with attachment issues

  • Children who have experienced a trauma in their birth family 


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